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  • 冗談{じょうだん}で
  • a laugh:    a laugh一笑いっしょう笑声しょうせい
  • laugh:    1laugh n. 笑い, 笑い声.【動詞+】The witticism brought an honest laugh.そのうまいしゃれで心からの笑いが起きたcause a laugh笑わせるcreate a laugh by……で笑わせるdraw a laugh笑いを招くWhen struck by the humor of something he would emit a short,
  • laugh at:    ~を笑うEveryone laughed at me when I spoke. 私が話すと、みんなは私のことを笑った。Don't be laughed at by other people. 人から笑われるな。


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  1. we just did that for a laugh , just to see what happens .
  2. they're just keeping us in here for a laugh at this point .
    笑いの種に ここにいさせてるのか
  3. and we pretty much just did this for a laugh
  4. crazy old maurice . he's always good for a laugh .
  5. now , one thing which we did for a laugh was


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