for a memorial 意味

  • 記念{きねん}のため
  • a memorial:    a memorial建白書けんぱくしょ
  • as a memorial to:    記念{きねん}に、記念{きねん}として、追悼{ついとう}して◆【同】in memory
  • memorial:    memorial n. 記念物, 記念碑.【動詞+】build a memorial記念碑を建てるa memorial dedicated to the six million victims of the Holocaust(ナチスによるユダヤ人) 600 万人の大量虐殺の犠牲者にささげられた記念碑establish some fitting memorial for……のために何か適切な記


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  1. a poor child appears and asks for a memorial service for his/her parents , offering a garment .
  2. this depends on the content , such as whether a song has a feminine content or whether it ' s for a memorial .
  3. this is because the program was for a memorial performance held on the seventh anniversary of danjuro ichikawa vi ' s death .
    市川團十郎 (6代目)七回忌追善興行の演目として上演されたため。
  4. this is why the envelope says " eko ryo (fee for a memorial service )" when hiring a temple or a priest for sutra chanting .
  5. it is said to be ' a bad day to do anything , but it is good for a memorial service (a buddhist service ) and is good only during the noon .'


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