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  1. Misasagi station was moved westward approximately 300 meters and became the underground station for common use with the kyoto municipal subway tozai line .
  2. It is expressed in the present writing system due to the problems pertaining to a nation ' s script (daily-use kanji , kanji for common use and the list of 1006 kanji taught in japanese primary schools ).
  3. Another combination of kanji characters " 角力 " is used due to the limited number of kanji characters designated for daily use (daily-use kanji , kanji for common use , and kanji taught in japanese primary schools ).
  4. On the other hand , another kanji letter referring to a fence , ' 垣 ' originally refers to the one made of stones , but today only ' 垣 ' is used as a kanji for common use referring to both types of fence .
  5. Kanjiseigen (restrictions on the number of kanji recognized for usage ), daily-use kanji (superseded in 1981 ), kanji for common use (list of 1945 kanji established in 1981 ), list of 1006 kanji taught in japanese primary schools , and kanji officially for use in names
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