for friendship 意味

  • 友達としての◆出会い系サイトによく出てくる。
    SWM, tall and handsome, looking for attractive and intelligent female for friendship. 背が高くて格好いい独身白人男性、友達になってくれる魅力的で知性のある女性を募集中。◆SWM=single white male
  • friendship:    friendship n. 友情, 友誼(ゆうぎ), 好意; 親交, 交際.【動詞+】acquire the friendship of……の好意を得るbreak off a friendship of twenty year's standing 20年来の親交を断つIt was this particular incident that broke up their friendship.
  • friendship with:    ~との交情{こうじょう}
  • abiding friendship:    変わらぬ友情{ゆうじょう}


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  1. listen to me . we're here for friendship .
    友情のため、ここに来た お前をこの島から連れ出してやる
  2. gentlesurgeon1 is looking for friendship
    gentlesurgeon1 は友人と
  3. gentlesurgeon1 is looking for friendship
    GentleSurgeon1 は友人と
  4. the opportunity for friendship .
  5. come on , for friendship !
    友情っすよ 友情


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