for gain 意味

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  • 欲得ずく{よくとくずく}で
  • a gain:    a gain一稼ぎひとかせぎ
  • gain:    1gain n. 利益, 利得; 増加.【動詞+】Their enterprise accrued far more gains than they had expected at first.事業は当初の見込みよりはるかに利益をあげたachieve a gain利益をあげるacquire substantial gains相当な利益を得るcalculate the gain made by
  • gain on:    {句動-1} : 次第{しだい}に追いつくJack could see his brother gaining on him in the bicycle race. ジャックは、自転車レースで弟が追いついてくるのが見えた。China is fast gaining on Japan as the leading economic power in Asia. 中国はアジアの主要経済大国として


  1. you're not a man who slaughters innocents for gain or glory .
    陛下は 自己の都合のために無実の者を殺す人ではない


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