for investment purposes 意味

  • 投資を目的として
  • deductible if used for business or investment purposes:    《be ~》ビジネスや投資目的{とうし もくてき}の使用{しよう}の場合{ばあい}は課税控除{かぜい こうじょ}できる
  • for investment:    for investment儲け付くで儲付くでもうけづくで
  • investment:    investment n. 投資, 投資物件; 包囲.【動詞+】Ireland has attracted investment from overseas.アイルランドは海外からの投資を誘致してきたThe government encourages investment by offering tax rebates.政府は税金を割り戻すことで投資を奨励するfinance a costly


  1. you bought it for investment purposes , didn't you ?
    投資目的で 家路さん 買ったじゃないですか。
  2. however , it was unhappy for the sake industry that some brokers who bought up rare sake made by popular small sake breweries for investment purposes , waited for its price to rise and sold it with an excessive premium in the market although it was the raw sake which had to be drunk as early as possible because it was not good for maturing .


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