for the above reason 意味



  1. for the above reason , the prevailing orthodoxy is that it was written by a buddhist priest of the shingon sect line in the late kamakura period .
  2. however , such view is not supported by reliable evidence and some assert that he did so out of consideration for his adopted son morofusa rather than for the above reason .
  3. it is said that if whole nation eats small amount of okara everyday , it will not become waste product , but most okara become waste product for the above reason now .
  4. for the above reason , they changed clothes on a piece of cloth spread out before and after taking a bath and the cloth was called ' furoshiki ,' which is , some say , the origin of the naming .
  5. however , after yoshikata was killed in 1155 by minamoto no yoshihira (yoshitomo ' s eldest son ) for the above reason , he spent all his time in shida no sho and put his energies into developing the land .


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