for the appropriate cost 意味

  • 適切{てきせつ}な代価{だいか}で
  • receive the best care appropriate to one's needs at the least cost:    ニーズに合った最善{さいぜん}のケアを最少{さいしょう}の費用{ひよう}で受ける
  • appropriate:    1appropriate v. 当てる; 《文語》 私用に供する, 流用する.【副詞1】They appropriated his land illegally.不法に彼の土地を自分たちのものにした.【+前置詞】He appropriated the funds entrusted to him for his own use.自分に託された資金を横領したappropriate money f
  • appropriate for:    ~にふさわしいThis book is appropriate for children to read. この本は子どもが読むのにふさわしい。


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