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  1. August 20: this force lands in hirakata in hitachi province .
    7月3日 常陸平潟に上陸。
  2. On june 12 , the qing force landed at asan .
  3. In this way , the main government forces came into contact with their forces landed in kagoshima .
  4. The main body of takauji ' s forces landed unchallenged at wadamisaki which had been abandoned by all opposition .
  5. By inverting the plane , captain whitaker arrested the descent , and allowed the aircraft to level off , enabling him to glide the aircraft away from any populated areas , and allowing him to execute a forced landing in an open field .
    "当該機を逆にすることにより機長は 降下を止め水平飛行にし 居住区域から離れて空き地に
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