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  1. the original shrine and branch shrines form a group of shrines .
  2. the fellow members under confinement made a written pledge to form a group named mitategumi and sealed it with their blood .
  3. to clean the palace , those who wish to offer their voluntary services must form a group , which then applies for a volunteer opportunity to the agency .
  4. shakkyo has also been incorporated into kabuki (traditional drama performed by male actors ) to form a group of works called shakkyomono (lion dances based on the shakkyo legend ).
  5. when a samurai (a warrior ), a member of ' shiratsuka-gumi ' that is a group of ' hatamoto-yattko ' (young upper vassals of tokugawa house who form a group and ace violently ) picks a fight with passengers of a parent and a child , token gonbei , a machi-yattko (ordinary people who are defiant toward ' hatamoto ' ), intervenes and helps them out of the trouble .
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