form a plot 意味

  • 策略{さくりゃく}[陰謀{いんぼう}]を企てる
  • a plot:    a plot一物いちぶついちもつ
  • by plot:    {名} :
  • by-plot:    {名} : わき筋


  1. the imprisonment of the risshisha is an incident in which the yuzo hayashi and taku oe , who were members of the risshisha (the political society ) were thought to form a plot in kochi prefecture with munemitsu mutsu , a councilor of the senate , to raise an army against the central government during the satsuma rebellion (satswuma war ) in 1877 .
    立志社の獄(りっししゃのごく)とは、1877年の西南戦争に乗じて立志社 (政治団体)の林有造や大江卓が元老院議官陸奥宗光らと共謀して高知県にて挙兵を企てたとされる事件。


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