formed of 意味

  • 《be ~》~の形[形状{けいじょう}]を成す[している?呈する]
  • formed:    《be ~》成立する
  • barely formed:    《be ~》あらわ[むき出し]になっている[形成されている]、むき出ている
  • cavity formed by:    ~によって形成{けいせい}された窩洞{かどう}


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  1. what opinion have i formed of him ? do they not teach you this ?
  2. the hippocampus is formed of two sheets of cells
  3. today's movements are not formed of people who take as many risks as before
    かつてのようにはリスクを取る人がいないと 言う人々もいますが
  4. emishi led one of the troops , which had been formed of hundreds of soldiers , to guard iwate-no-michi road .
  5. it usually refers to a bad composition formed of several meaningless episodes like a kushi-dango formed of the same dango .


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