from caprice 意味

  • 気まぐれから
  • caprice:    caprice n. 気まぐれ.【+動詞】What caprice led you to do that?何を思いついてそんなことをする気になったのだA sudden caprice made him dash into the cake shop.急に思いたって彼はケーキ屋にとびこんだ.【形容詞 名詞+】Divine caprice神様の気まぐれfeminine caprice女の気まぐれH
  • caprice value:    趣味的価格
  • feminine caprice:    女の気まぐれ


  1. i did not sleep from caprice , and there is the rhythmic sound of hempen robes under the moon (shin kokinshu ).


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