frosty welcome 意味

  • 冷ややかな歓迎{かんげい}
  • frosty:    +fróst? y adj. [-i]【形】(-er型)1 霜の降りる(ほど寒い)《◆coldとicyの中間の寒さ》;霜で覆われた.2 〈人?態度が〉〔…に〕冷たい〔to〕;〈髪などが〉霜のような;老齢の.
  • frosty air:    frosty air霜雰そうふん
  • frosty field:    霜の降りた畑


  1. it is said that the birth of imperial princess keishi received a frosty welcome by the members of the imperial court , who had eagerly expected the birth of a prince , because she was another princess following her elder sister , princess shoshi .


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