further on 意味

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  • これより先、もっと先で
  • further:    further adv. さらに遠く, さらに進んで.【副詞】We must go a little further back in history to discover the origins.その起源を発見するにはもう少し歴史をさかのぼらねばならない.【+前置詞】go further back in time時をさらにさかのぼるgo further into the pastさらに過去に
  • further to:    (前回の手紙)に加えて
  • commute further and further to work:    ますます遠くから通勤{つうきん}する


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  1. now , here you see of course , as you go further on
    そうご覧の通り 当然 遠くから見ると
  2. don't stop , keep on rolling !! go even further on !
    さらに 「パラライズ・チェーン」!
  3. did you have any chance to think further on my proposal ?
    私の提案を 考えてくれたかな?
  4. going any further on this is absolutely out of the question .
    これ以上は 絶対ダメです
  5. i'm not getting any further on that formula . for christ sake .


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