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  • 切り妻壁
  • gable:    gable n. 切妻(きりづま), 破風.【形容詞 名詞+】a house with peaked gablesとがった切妻のある家a towering gable高くそびえる破風.
  • bell gable:    鐘尖塔
  • c. gable:    {人名} : =


  1. ryoko-in temple ' s front gate with a japanese cypress bark covered roof and undulating bargeboards on each gable end .
  2. this cypress bark-covered gate characterized by undulating bargeboards on each gable end is one of the oldest gates at daitoku-ji temple .
  3. with a facade being tsuma (the gable end of a structure normally at right angle to the main ridge ) provided with a kokerabuki (shingled ) irimoya-style (hipped ) roof , joan has a distinctive stylishness different from that of taian built by sen no rikyu .
  4. this shrine consists of the main shrine in the nagare-zukuri style (flow style ), which is enclosed with oiya (building covering ), and the front shrine is made of one square room with the tsumairi (entrance on the gable end ) and thatched roof , which has reportedly been transferred from the izumo daijingu shrine in an unknown year .


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