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  • 切り妻屋根
  • hip-gable roof:    hip-gable roof入母屋いりもや
  • gable:    gable n. 切妻(きりづま), 破風.【形容詞 名詞+】a house with peaked gablesとがった切妻のある家a towering gable高くそびえる破風.
  • bell gable:    鐘尖塔


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  1. hafu: a bargeboard placed on a gable roof .
  2. the taikodai in fukushima prefecture is the hikiyama with a gable roof .
    福島県の太鼓台 破風屋根の曳き山。
  3. three-storey residence with gable roof and 4 chimneys and fireplaces .
  4. the nagare-zukuri style (asymmetrical gable roof ) main sanctuary was renovated in 1912 .
  5. nio-mon gate: topped by a gable roof and stands three bays wide with the middle bay serving as an entrance .
    仁王門 - 三間一戸、切妻造


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