gamboge 意味

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  • {名} : ガンボジ


  1. i just read about this color gamboge .
    この色 ガンボジって言うの
  2. your gamboge tip paid off .
    ガンボジの君の読みは 当たったよ
  3. gamboge comes from a resin .
    ガンボジは 樹脂で出来てて
  4. gamboge should be used by placing some water into a plate and kneading it until it turns a vivid yellow , and it is good to add some glue solution when using; while dark red pigment has usually already been soaked into a cotton cloth so cut the necessary amount of cloth when needed and put it on a plate , then add a small amount of boiling water and squeeze it hard with japanese cedar chop sticks which do not contain oil , to release the dark red pigment .


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