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  1. That was because the goseibai-shikimoku was not directed to the general law in samurai society , but it was also intended to evade legal conflicts between the samurai and court noble society .
  2. The new methods for thoroughly notifying general laws to the public without depending on kosatsu system were developed , by newly founded police and judicial systems , educational system , and the popularized mass media such as newspapers;
  3. The general laws to impose punishment procedures of karyo are the regulations of non-contentious cases procedures act and the regulations of the local autonomy law ii , ordinary local public entities , chapter 14 , supplementary rules , article 255-3 .
    科罰手続の一般法としては、非訟事件手続法の規定と、地方自治法s地方自治法 第二編 普通地方公共団体 第十四章 補則255の3の規定がある。
  4. In order to thoroughly deliver the contents of the notes to the people , the notes of kosatsu was written in easily understandable mixed writing (characters and kana ) or kana sentences , differentiated from the sentence style used for describing general law in code books .
  5. The officially announced reason of this decision was that its purpose to notify the general laws to the common people was fulfilled enough , while there was also a background that western countries expressed objection toward the ban of christianity in japan; the actual reasons for the abolition of kosatsu would have been as follows;
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