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  • General Mótors
    What's good for G~ Motors is good for the country. GMによいことは(米)国にとってもよいことだ《D.Eisenhauwerの言葉;軍産癒着を表す言葉として知られる》.


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  1. since at least 1939 , when general motors showcased
  2. and we developed the impact car that general motors made
    ゼネラルモーター製の “インパクト” や
  3. and when you're done , maybe you could take over general motors .
    それからGMでも 乗っ取れ
  4. whatever it is , it's a mindset that is reminiscent of general motors .
    もっと仕入れて もっと売って もっと浪費する
  5. general motors , general electric


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