generally-accepted 意味



  1. it is a generally-accepted theory that these are identical .
  2. a generally-accepted theory is that the contents of the teiki is the kotofu (genealogy of the imperial family ).
  3. in august in 1561 , she married tokichiro kinoshita (hideyoshi toyotomi ), a vassal of nobunaga oda over the opposition of her birth mother , asahi (a different person from hideyoshi ' s sister , asahi-hime with the same name ) at the age of 14 (according to generally-accepted belief ).
  4. needless to say , the tale of ' ashoka the great of india ' among all those legendary stories is a pretext added by the posterity , and a generally-accepted theory is that this pagoda was erected by settlers from chosun peninsula around the beginning of the nara period (the seventh century ).


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