genuine miracle 意味

  • 本当の奇跡{きせき}
  • miracle:    miracle n. 奇跡; 奇跡的なこと; 偉業, 驚異.【動詞+】achieve miracles of productivity奇跡的な生産力を達成するcreate a miracle奇跡を生みだすdo miracles奇跡を行なうYou've done miracles with my son's mathematics; I never thought he'd pass the t
  • to a miracle:    驚くほど立派に
  • genuine:    genuine adj. 本物の; 心からの.【副詞】an absolutely genuine offerまぎれもなく純粋な申し出an entirely genuine 19th-century Swiss watch 100パーセント本物の 19 世紀のスイス製時計.【+前置詞】The article is genuine in its quality.その品の品質は本物だ.


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