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  1. there are also folklores that say seijuro yoshioka and denshichiro yoshioka , who fought musashi miyamoto from the final days of sengoku period (period of warring states ) to the beginning of the edo period were masters from the kyohachiryu-school ' s yoshioka-dojo hall , but it is not possible to determine the validity of such stories as the yoshioka family and followers have become extinct and there are no trustworthy materials to give light on the conflicts between the yoshioka group and musashi .
    その後戦国時代 (日本)末期から江戸時代初期の宮本武蔵と争った吉岡清十郎、吉岡伝七郎を京八流吉岡道場の達人と伝承もあるが、当の吉岡一門が断絶しており、吉岡一門と武蔵の私闘自体、文献の信用性が薄く検証性が乏しい。


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