goddess of justice 意味

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  • 正義{せいぎ}の女神{めがみ}
  • goddess:    goddess女神めがみじょしん
  • in justice to:    ~を公平{こうへい}に評すれば
  • justice:    justice n.(1) 正義, 公正; 裁判, 賞罰.【動詞+】achieve social justice社会正義を成就するadminister justice裁くI demand justice.公正さを要求するdeny sb justice人を公平に取り扱わないa government able to maintain peace and dispense justice平和を維持し


  1. wasn't your nickname goddess of justice ?
  2. your nick name was 'the goddess of justice' . wasn't it ?
  3. your nick name was 'the goddess of justice , ' wasn't it ?


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