goddess of love 意味

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  • 恋愛{れんあい}の女神{めがみ}
  • goddess:    goddess女神めがみじょしん
  • (buddhist) goddess:    (Buddhist) goddess吉祥天きちじょうてんきっしょうてん
  • bitch goddess:    成功{せいこう}、出世{しゅっせ}


  1. it's named after the roman goddess of love and beauty
    金星の名は古代ローマの 愛と美の女神の名前に由来します
  2. their mother is the goddess of love , so you know where that leads .
    彼女達の母親は愛の女神だ どうなるか見てみよう
  3. athena , goddess of love .
    アテネ 愛の女神
  4. athena , goddess of love .
    アテネ 愛の女神
  5. kama is a goddess of love who was burned to death because she released an arrow against shiva during ascetic practices .


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