goddess of the moon 意味

発音を聞く:   goddess of the moonの例文
  • 月の女神
  • goddess:    goddess女神めがみじょしん
  • moon:    1moon n. 月, 太陰.【動詞+】admire the moonうっとりと月をながめるa spacecraft that circumnavigated the moon《文語》 月を一周した宇宙船Heavy cloud hid the moon.厚い雲が月を隠したpromise sb the moon《口語》 人に果たせそうにない約束をするview the moon through a
  • moon at:    ~をうらやましそうに見つめる


  1. in europe , it seems that the full moon was supposed to disturb and confuse people ' s minds; for example , the goddess of the moon indicates death , and a werewolf transforms himself by seeing the moon , so people did not want to view the moon at all .


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