good at translating 意味

  • 《be ~》翻訳{ほんやく}がうまい
  • translating:    {名} : 平行移動{へいこう いどう}--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形} : 解釈付きの、説明{せつめい}した、翻訳{ほんやく}した
  • freelance translating:    フリーランスの翻訳{ほんやく}の仕事{しごと}
  • panoramic translating:    panoramic translatingパノラマ移動[電情]〈98X0013:情報処理用語(図形処理)〉


  1. he was good at translating chinese into japanese through adding kunten (puctuation marks ), especially good at studying the art of divination , and established the basis for the study of history books at gosan (zen temples highly ranked by the government ).


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