good manner 意味

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  • 良い礼儀{れいぎ}
  • have a good bedside manner:    患者の扱いがうまい、如才ない
  • have a very good bedside manner:    患者{かんじゃ}の扱い方がとてもうまい[上手である]
  • in a manner:    いわば、ある程度{ていど}、ある意味{いみ}ではHis older sister is, in a manner, very spoiled. 彼の姉は、いわば甘やかされた人だ。


  1. it is considered as a good manner to take a sip of soup as the start of a meal to avoid mogibashi .
  2. wandering from the subject " inugui ," but in food culture of korea adjacent to japan , scooping food with spoon from the plate without holding plates and move mouth (inevitably , face as well ) closer to the spoon is considered to be a good manner .
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