good part of 意味

  • ~のほとんど、~の大部分{だいぶぶん}
  • good part:    {1} : 良い部分{ぶぶん}--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{2} : 大部分{だいぶぶん}
  • in good part:    主として、温厚{おんこう}に、愛想{あいそう}よく、大いにThat was made up in good part of cheap materials. それは大部分、安い材料から作られていた。
  • depend in good part on:    ~に大きく依存{いぞん}する


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  1. a good part of all the tv being watched in the united states .
  2. a good part of which i spent , after being born here in chicago
  3. you spend a good part of the time crying , probably .
    おそらく大半の時間 泣き暮らすことになるでしょう
  4. to get the good part of the u .v .
    紫外線の良い部分を 取り込む一方
  5. i was fooled for a good part of it .


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