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  • 大学院課程{だいがくいん かてい}
  • graduate:    1graduate n. 卒業生 《《米》 では各種の学校の卒業生, 《英》 では学位を取った大学の卒業生》.【動詞+】assemble graduates for a reunion同窓会で卒業生を集めるIn his commencement speech, the president congratulated all the graduates on their successful c
  • graduate (of):    graduate (of)出で
  • graduate to:    レベルを上げる


  1. graduate program (one-year program ) was set up .
    研究科 (1年制) を設置。
  2. gakusei (students ) and tokugyo no sho (student like postgraduate , student taking the graduate program ) studied under these staff members .
  3. august 1899: due to a revision of regulations , the graduate program was reorganized into a non-degree course for graduates , and a preparatory course was newly added .
    1899年8月: 規則改正、研究科を専攻科に改組、予科を設置。
  4. ichi no kami (commissioner of the market ) as the head was originally an official equivalent to shorokuinojo (senior sixth rank , upper grade ), but a person who accepted to have an appointment among governmental official of goi (fifth rank ) responsible for practical works , tokugyosho (student like postgraduate , student taking the graduate program ) and monjosho (student of literary studies in the imperial university ) most of the time .
    長である市正(いちのかみ)は本来は正六位上相当の官であったが、五位の実務官僚や得業生や文章生のうち成功 (任官)に応じた者が任命されることが多かった。


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