ground pork 意味

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  1. the pericarp is added to food cooked by boiling or stewing , stir-fried dishes , and sichuan-style bean curd (tofu and ground pork spicy taste ) for flavoring .
  2. additionally , there are some processed gluten cake products such as ' mian jin sai rou ' which is gluten cakes with stuffing made of ground pork and other ingredients .
  3. menchi katsu or minchi katsu is a meat dish , in which ground pork or beef (minchi ) is mixed well with minced onions , salt and pepper , formed into flat ovals , coated with breading made of flour , beaten eggs and panko (japanese-style coarse bread crumbs ), and deep fried in oil .
  4. in japan , for example , the combination of cooked rice and the chinese dish of sichuan-style bean curd (tofu ) and ground pork of spicy taste (mabo-tofu ), and the combination of cooked rice and chinese dish with fried egg and crab (kanitama ) is recognized as independent of mabo-don (cooked rice and mabo-tofu ) and tehshin-don (cooked rice and kanitama ), respectively .


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