guard 意味

発音記号: [ gɑ:d ]発音を聞く   guardの例文
  • on guard:    見張って、用心{ようじん}して、当番{とうばん}でTwo or three men are always on guard in front of the gate. いつも2~3人の男たちが門の前で番をしている。Let us be on guard against smoking too much because it could cause health damage. 健康を損なう恐れが
  • to guard:    to guard守るまもる
  • advance guard:    advance guard先陣せんじん前衛ぜんえい先鋒せんぽう


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  1. her highness was assigned to the royal guard
    ううん 殿下はさ 近衛師団に配属されてたんだけど
  2. because the cloud stands guard at the boundary .
    なぜならモヤモヤは 境界の番人だからです
  3. security guard was killed , surveillance cameras disabled .
  4. i can't take out the tower guard with my sniper rifle .
  5. you signed out the guard key several days ago .
    はい 数日前に保護キーを 持ち出しました?


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