half a dozen times 意味

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  • たくさん
  • half-dozen times:    6回
  • dozen times:    《a ~》12回、かなりたくさんの回数{かいすう}、何度{なんど}も


  1. he could have killed me half a dozen times .
  2. they do this maybe half a dozen times before they get bored
    これを数回繰り返して 飽きてしまいます
  3. she made someone nervous enough to stab her half a dozen times .
    そのために犯人は 神経質になり 彼女を6回も刺すことになった
  4. since we first learned of their existence , the klingon empire has conquered and occupied two planets that we know of and fired on our ships half a dozen times .
    クリンゴンの 歴史を知る限り— 2つの惑星を奪い— 我々の船を 何度も攻撃した


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