hall 意味

発音記号: [ hɔ:l ]発音を聞く   hallの例文
  • in the hall:    場内で
  • a hall of fame:    a háll of fáme 有名な人たち.
  • across the hall:    通路{つうろ}の向こうの、廊下{ろうか}を隔てて向こう側に


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  1. it is kyoto symphony orchestra ' s home music hall .
  2. bangkok in the kingdom of thailand (kaikyo sodo hall )
  3. those who were in the hall will be in the kitchen .
    今までホールにいた奴が 厨房に入る。
  4. from under the sheets in that scene in annie hall
  5. it appears to be climbing up the top of city hall .
    "シティ・ホールに 登るようです"


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