hand back 意味

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  • (持ち主{もちぬし}の手に)返す、返還する
  • back of the hand:    back of the hand手の甲てのこう
  • back of one's hand:    {1} : 《the ~》非難{ひなん}、拒絶{きょぜつ}What he said hit me like the back of his hand. 彼の言葉に、拒絶を感じて私は打ちのめされた。--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{2} : 手の甲、手背部{しゅ はいぶ
  • back-hand welding:    back-hand welding後進溶接[機械]


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  1. i know how , but i wasn't able to get the hand back .
    方法はありますが 証拠品は取戻せません
  2. that time ...if i'd squeezed her hand back ...
    あの時... 俺が しっかりと 手ぇ握り返していれば...
  3. get your fucking hand back in there and steer the car .
  4. i told them to give michael's hand back with an asterisk .
    私が彼らに頼んだの マイケルの腕を戻してって
  5. however , i wasn't able to get the hand back .
    証拠品は 取戻せないが
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