hard-line measures 意味

  • 強硬策{きょうこうさく}
  • call for hard-line measures:    強攻策{きょうこう さく}を求める
  • hard measures:    {1} : 強硬手段{きょうこう しゅだん}--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{2} : 信頼できる測定方法[基準]


  1. at the incident of hoko-ji temple bell , which triggered the siege of osaka in 1615 , along with masazumi honda and others , he proposed hard-line measures against the court .
    1615年(元和 (日本)元年)の大坂の役の発端となった大坂の役方広寺鐘銘事件では、本多正純らと共に強硬策を上奏。
  2. the kamakura bakufu (japanese feudal government headed by a shogun ), which took hard-line measures in the negotiation after the war , such as killing of the envoys , started full-fledged guard against foreign countries .
  3. he tried to rebuild shingon sect , but naturally , higher and lower priest factions revolted against his hard-line measures and were bitterly confronted kakuban , and finally in 1140 , they went on a rampage to conduct a raid on kakuban ' s living place , mitsugonin temple , in the precincts of kongobuji temple to burn it , and banished him from kongobuji temple .
  4. however , actual tenkan were rarely issued , therefore , people whose suits were restricted had no other way of making osso by means of jikiso such as kagoso (jikiso to daikan or daimyo in a palanquin ), kakekomi uttae (direct petition to the supreme court , magistrate ' s office , influential person of the bakufu and so on ), suteso (leaving a petition in front of the gate of the supreme court and so on ), hariso (pasting a petition in front of the gate of a roju ' s [senior councilor ] residence or a government office ) and so on , and in some cases they had to take hard-line measures by forming a faction for monso (petition by people gathering before the gate of the residence of a feudal lord or daikan ), ikki (uprising ), goso (direct petition with the abuse of religious authority by armed priests or jinin [associates of shinto shrines ] to the imperial court or the bakufu ), uchikowasi (destructive urban riots ) and so on .


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