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  1. because for me , it is something that have a meaning
    私にとって意味のある事と 考えます。
  2. because mathematics have a meaning all their own
    数学はその存在自体に 意味があるんだ
  3. also , it is said to have a meaning of ' the emperor who passed away and never returns ' .
  4. on the other hand , there is an opinion that , compared to national anthems of a constitutional monarchy (for example , " god save the queen " ), kimigayo does not have a meaning of extreme praises for the emperor and it is a quite normal national anthem for the system that recognized the emperor as a symbol of the unity of the people .
  5. performing chiken-in representing kongokai dainichi nyorai is said to have a meaning that to perform the mudra of dainichi nyorai who was identical with amaterasu omikami (the sun goddess ) in honji-suijaku (theory of original reality and manifested traces ), the emperor to be enthroned was identified with dainichi nyorai and becomes a supreme existence .


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