have a vacancy 意味

  • 欠員{けついん}がある
  • have a vacancy for:    ~に欠員{けついん}がある
  • no vacancy:    no vacancy満員まんいん
  • vacancy:    vacancy n. 欠員; 空白.【動詞+】His transfer will cause a vacancy in the office.彼が転任するのでその勤務先に欠員ができるHis retirement created a vacancy on the board of directors.彼が引退したので重役会に欠員ができたThe President filled (up) the


  1. najmuddin told me , well we have a vacancy
  2. margie ... from school ... they're gonna have a vacancy in their complex next week .
    マージーから聞いたの 来週過ぎれば 空き室が出ると


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