head of security at 意味

  • ~の警備責任者{けいび せきにんしゃ}
  • head of the public security department:    公安部長{こうあん ぶちょう}
  • head of the cabinet security affairs office:    内閣安全保障室長{ないかく あんぜん ほしょう しつちょう}
  • as security:    安全措置として、抵当としてThe Tenant shall pay to the Landlord a deposit of US$__ only upon the execution of this Tenancy and prior to the occupation of the Demised Premises by the Tenant as security for the due


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  1. he's the new head of security at zomcon .
  2. so , that was the captain . he talked to head of security at teri purcell's hotel .
  3. how long have you been head of security at queen consolidated , josiah ?
    警備責任者になって どのくらいだ クイーンが統合されて ジョサイア?
  4. i was trying to track who had access to the surveillance tapes . the head of security at bethesda presbyterian was a guy named jerold norsky .
    ぼくはいま 監視カメラの映像を追っていて ベセスダの セキュリティ会社の幹部に
  5. i was head of security at a secret hightech facility called the hive a giant underground laboratory developing experimental , viral weaponry .
    その施設"ハイブ"の 元警備責任者 そこは 巨大な 地下実験場 バイオ兵器を開発


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