heavy weather 意味

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  • 荒天{こうてん}、荒れ模様{あれもよう}
  • damage by heavy weather:    荒天による損害
  • go into heavy weather:    go into heavy weather 暗礁に乗り上げる,暗雲に突入する.(fgò ?mrún?C fly?n ìnto héavy wéather
  • make heavy weather of:    ~を大げさ[深刻{しんこく}]に考え過ぎる、~を難儀{なんぎ}がるHe always goes into such detail and makes heavy weather of all the troubles at the office. 彼はいつも細かいことにこだわって、会社でのトラブルをすべて大げさに考える。


  1. that life is an anchor streamed behind him in heavy weather .
    彼の人生の"碇"は 悪天候で流れた
  2. municipalities in heavy snowfall areas also take into consideration accidents whereby the best dressed gets soiled or participants are caught up in the disordered transportation due to heavy weather .


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