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  • to heel:    支配{しはい}されて、すぐ後に、征服{せいふく}されてThe dictator plotted to bring the citizens to (high) heel. 独裁者は、民衆を支配しようとたくらんだ。
  • (shoe) heel:    (shoe) heel踵かかと
  • achilles heel:    アキレスのかかと、弁慶{べんけい}の泣き所、弱点、急所Everyone has his Achilles [Achilles'] heel. 《諺》誰でもアキレスのかかとを持っている。/弁慶の泣き所。He is a quick, energetic soccer player, but his Achilles heel [Achilles' heel, heel of Achilles] i


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  1. don't grow up to be like your shit heel uncle . hey .
    おじさんのような男に ならないで
  2. get in line before i bust your hole with my boot heel !
    蹴飛ばされる前に 整列しろ!
  3. he was rather a heel , but to die like that is terrible .
  4. and she thought she'd gotten a twoinch heel
  5. and you have three pairs , one needs a new heel .
    先生は3足 1足はヒールが壊れている


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