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  • ハイネック
  • with a high collar:    襟を高く立てて
  • westernized (lit: high collar):    westernized (lit: high collar)ハイカラ
  • collar:    collar n. えり, カラー; 首輪.【動詞+】The dog has a collar around its neck.その犬は首輪をつけているHe removed his tie and opened his collar.ネクタイを取って, えりのボタンをはずしたput a collar around the neck of a dog犬の首に首輪をはめるslip (the) co


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  1. it has a plain high collar , detachable sleeves
    シンプルな高い襟の 袖が取り外せる上着
  2. it comes from high-collar (haikara ) shirts that were very popular as men ' s western clothes in the early meiji period .
    語源は明治期の男子洋装の流行であったハイカラー(high collar、高襟)のシャツより。
  3. in fact mr . ishikawa , who attacks haikara , is here in this evening party in high collar clothes , and the speech set the house laughing .
  4. the air of a person in high collar clothes and his serious face , somewhat suggesting that he has recently returned from europe , are in the extremity of snobbery .
  5. at the beginning he mocked at conservatives as " chonmage (topknot ) sect " , and , in contrast , criticized affected manners of people who advocated opening japan to the west and liberals by calling them haikara from their symbolic high collar clothes .


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