highest prosperity 意味

  • 最盛{さいせい}
  • prosperity:    prosperity n. 繁栄, 隆盛.【動詞+】achieve prosperity繁栄を遂げるForeign harvests and international politics vitally affect the prosperity of American farmers.外国の農産物の収穫と国際政治はアメリカの農民の繁栄に重大に関わっているattain prosperity繁栄
  • at the highest:    {1} : 最高の位置[地位]に--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{2} : いくら高くても、せいぜい、たかだか
  • highest:    highest n. 最高.【前置詞+】It will not be much more than one hundred dollars at the highest.それはどんなに高くても 100 ドルをあまり出まいI do not think prices are at their highest.物価は最高だとは思わないwhen his reputation was at its hi


  1. following this , he traded products with the southeast asian countries and korea among others , and reached his highest prosperity .


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