hip roof 意味

発音を聞く:   hip roofの例文
  • 《建築》寄せ棟屋根{よせむね やね}
  • hip-gable roof:    hip-gable roof入母屋いりもや
  • house with a hip roof:    寄せ棟造り
  • hip:    1hip n. 腰, ヒップ, 尻.【動詞+】She fell and broke a hip.転んで腰を折ったDuring the dance everyone bumped hips together.ダンスの最中全員が互いに腰をぶつけあったI can't fit my hips into these jeans.このジーンズは腰まわりが小さくてはけないThese pants won't


  1. beyond the sanmon gate , there is nyoirin-do (the main hall ) to the front with its hip roof covered with japanese cypress bark shingles , and to the left , there are ' kuri ' (priests ' living quarters ) and treasure hall , and a ' tahoto ' pagoda (multi-treasure pagoda ) in a place one step higher .


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