hip-flexion phenomenon 意味

  • hip-flexion phenomenon
  • hip phenomenon:    hip phenomenon股現象[医生]; 腰現象[医生]
  • flexion:    {名-1} : 曲がること、屈曲(部)、湾曲(部)、屈曲作用--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{名-2} : 《文法》語尾変化 -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  • hip:    1hip n. 腰, ヒップ, 尻.【動詞+】She fell and broke a hip.転んで腰を折ったDuring the dance everyone bumped hips together.ダンスの最中全員が互いに腰をぶつけあったI can't fit my hips into these jeans.このジーンズは腰まわりが小さくてはけないThese pants won't


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