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  1. will be donated to the walker institute for history education .
    歴史教育の為に 寄付する事を発表します
  2. in the history education of korea , chosen tsushinshi is taught in the following way:
  3. in particular , the emperor saga valued literature and compiled three imperial anthologies of chinese poetry called " ryounshu " (a collection from above the clouds ), " keikokushu " (a collection of managing the country ) and " bunka shureishu " (second imperial kanshi collection ), seeking the basis of the chinese literature education , which was necessary for chinese poetry making , in the history education based on chinese historiography .
  4. the details of this incident are described in the history book " shoku nihongi " ; wake no kiyomaro , who prevented a political conspiracy of dokyo , was often taken up in history education in japan before the word war Ⅱas ' a model of royal subject ' ; however , during the edo period norinaga motoori had already expressed his doubts on the credibility of the series of mythical incidents , and in recent years there exist views which advocate that the articles in " shoku nihongi " include artifacts to justify the enthronement of emperor konin (the oracle does not touch on the succession to the imperial throne ).


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