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  1. But it did not give a homespun impression because of containing of no seasoning , having a western image in spite of being a domestic product and a hard liquor drunk with water .
  2. In such circumstances , takara holdings inc . decided to use foreign talents such as david bowie and sheena easton who had a different image far from conventional homespun shochu for the commercial of jun (a name of shochu ) and tried to generalize shochu and chuhai , which brought great results .
    こうした流れのなかで宝ホールディングスは、デビッド?ボウイやシーナ?イーストンなど、およそ従来のドロ臭い焼酎のイメージから程遠い外国人タレントを純 (焼酎)のCMに起用し、焼酎ならびにチューハイの一般化を図り多大な成果を挙げた。
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