house counsel 意味

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  • 企業内弁護士
  • counsel:    1counsel n. 相談; 助言; 熟慮; 計画; 弁護人, 顧問, コンサルタント.【動詞+】accept counsel助言を受け入れるThe counsel to enlarge the greenbelt was approved.緑地帯を広げる計画は承認されたask counsel of sb人の助言を求めるbuy off counsel弁護士を買収するexchange coun
  • a counsel of despair:    a cóunsel of despáir ((正式))最後の手段.
  • accept counsel:    助言{じょげん}を受け入れる


  1. the lawyer is their father's house counsel .
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