house industry 意味

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  • 家内工業
  • daiwa house industry co., ltd.:    {組織} : 大和ハウス工業
  • nisseki house industry co., ltd.:    {組織} : ニッセキハウス工業
  • industry:    industry n.(1) 工業, 産業, 製造業; (…)業.【動詞+】The government chose not to assist the crippled steel industry.政府は不振の鉄鋼産業にてこ入れしないことにしたThey succeeded in attracting industry to the state.その州に産業を誘致することに成功したMisca


  1. daiwa house industry central research laboratory
  2. south daiwa neo-police ' (a town name is denen ) and ' natsumi-dai velde stage ' (a town name is natsumi-dai ), new towns developed by the former daiwa danchi co ., ltd . (currently daiwa house industry co ., ltd .) spread in the northwestern part of the city .


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