huffing and puffing 意味

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  1. Because i knew i was going to huff and puff
    次第に息切れがして 話せなくなると
  2. There's no need to huff and puff .
  3. Others huff and puff ...
  4. You bring his big ass up here , he's gonna be huffing and puffing before he can squeeze out of that car !
    彼をここに連れてくる気か! 彼は車から出る前にフーフー 言って考え込みそうだ!
  5. Aand the people who really , truly run this city , they're watching you huff and puff and run around crusading , and they are laughing at you .
    この街の 住民は 息を切らせて走り回るのを 楽しんでいる
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